I get a lot of unwanted attention sometimes when it comes to my hashtags.  There was a time when I used to make fun of excessive hashtags, and then Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake made it funny and brought MORE attention to these sometimes unnecessary social appendages.  

I've found that consistency is important in the social media world, and hashtags are much the same.  In creating a 'brand' or following for myself, I try to stick to similar hashtags in an effort to create an understanding and pattern with my social media presence.  #DANCE #HIPHOP #CHOREOGRAPHY (and as of recent) #THEKENANPETERS are some of my obvious go-to's, but one that is specific to me is #EMSQUARED.  The meaning behind it is: Making Moves (a play on the phonetics of the words= Making Moves = (the initials) MM = EmEm = EmX2 = EMSQUARED - get it??!)

Being a choreographer, 'making moves' is obviously something I do, but the words have a slightly deeper meaning and can apply to all walks and actions of life.  We all have SOMETHING we're trying to do... some goal we're trying to reach or break... some task or project to complete... some obstacle to overcome.  Living in LA (and just being an adult), I've learned that there's NO TIME to sit and be complacent, if you've still got goals to reach or obstacles to overcome - you've GOT to keep moving to be better than you were the day before.  You've got to challenge yourself and make strides to be better within yourself - not for any kind of recognition or accolades, but more so to accomplish the goals you've set for yourself (the feeling is incredible!).  The only way to achieve those said goals, or complete those projects or overcome those obstacles is to GET UP and MAKE MOVES! 

You can't wait for 'it' to be handed to you... get out there make YOUR moves, today!